Thursday, June 2, 2011

Organic Apples

Nowadays eating organic fruits and vegetables is a new trend for many people. I think this is because consumers are fed up with pesticides and chemicals found in the fruits and vegetables. I have some friends in Indonesia who takes pride in growing some fruit trees, chilli plants and some vegetables in their backyard of their homes. I think this is very nice as there is nothing more pleasurable and healthy than eating what you have grown.

I enjoy eating apples and normally I will buy apples that are grown organically. Is there a difference between organic and normal apples? Well, the first difference is the price. Organic apples are more expensive than the norm. Secondly, organic apples do not look so attractive and shiny than the normal apples. The reason why I buy them is that the organic apples taste better. They are more crunchy, juicy and not so sweet. Now for this assessment, I am comparing New Zealand organic and non organic apples - which I normally buy them.

When I am eating organic apples, I simply rinse them with water and eat it with the skin. Now if I am eating non organic apples, I will rinse it longer or soak them in water before eating it. There are some apples from China which looks very shiny with a layer of wax on it - I will not buy them. I read from a newspaper which wrote that a study was done in United States found that organic fruits indeed have more nutrients than the non organic fruits. Well if this is true, then it is even more beneficial to eat organic fruits. But for me, I know that the organic apples taste much better and this is so even after keeping the apples in the fridge for more than a week.

The two photographs are organic apples that I bought - which are from New Zealand. There are no wax on the skin and the apples are delicious.