Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Palelai Buddhist Temple in Singapore

Recently went to visit a Thai Buddhist temple in Singapore - The Palelai Buddhist Temple. I had written a post on this temple last year and if you are keen to read about it, just click the link below:-

The Palelai Buddhist Temple in Singapore.

I will add more photos of this beautiful Thai temple in this blog. Besides the main hall where devotees come to pray, there is also a library where those devotees who want to gain more knowledge on Buddhism can read books on this topic. Another interesting place is the meditation hall which is located on the 3rd floor. I saw some people practicing meditation on this spacious hall.

The Four Face Buddha is located near to the main gate of the temple and I saw many devotees praying and giving offerings such as flowers and coconut drinks to the Four Face Buddha. Each of the Four Face Buddha represent a different element - Metta ( Loving Kindness) Karuna ( Compassion ) Mudita ( Appreciative Joy ) and Upekkha ( Equanimity ).


Monday, February 13, 2012

Simple Steps to Repair Your Desktop PC

It is very frustrating when my Desktop PC breaks down. I have a Dual Core 2 Quad with a 4GB DDR2 memory desktop which I am being using for about 2 years. It is a very good performance computer and fast too. When it first broke down, the Windows 7 was unable to boot; it simply hang there indefinitely. Then I got it fixed. One month later, it broke down again the second time; when I turned on the power, the LCD monitor didn't show anything - just a blank screen - again I managed to get it fixed by myself.

I am not a computer technician but I wanted to try fixing the desktop instead of sending it to the computer shop for repair; which wanted to charge me - US$200 to repair, when I called up to tell them the problems. In the course of repairing my Desktop PC; I have learned that it is actually not a difficult thing to do. You have to be patient and diagnose the problem that leads to its breakdown; then go to a computer vendor store and buy the parts. Remove the faulty part and put in the good one - that's about it.

Learning to repair your own PC will save you money too. In this instance, I probably save about US$300 or more - as it broke down on 2 occasions. If you are interested in learning how I repair my own Desktop PC; just follow the link below to 2 of my blogs -

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